Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 - Continuously variable proportional circle map

This continuous variable proportional circle map was located at: This type of map shows the relative sizes of some for some variable.

31 - Range Graded Proportional Circle Map

This range graded proportional circle map was found at: It depicts proportional circles whose sizes represent a range of data.

32 - Classed Choropleth Maps

This classed choropleth map was found at: A classed choropleth map is a thematic map that uses shading used to represent some class attribute value.

33 - Unclassed Choropleth Map

An unclassed Choropleth map does not have any classes identified. A map example that depicts this is located at:

34 - Bivariate Choropleth Maps

This bivariate Choropleth map was found at: Bivariate choropleth maps show data for two variables. For example, this could be the population by race, or gender in the U.S.

35 - Unvariate Choropleth Map

This Unvariate Choropleth map was found at:

Unvirate choropleth maps are useful in showing data for a single variable. This could be the percentage of population that are getting the swine flu, or that make more than $50K per year. It would not show multiple variables data.

36 - Standardized Choropleth Maps

This standardized choropleth map was found at: These maps show data that has been standardized showing not raw numbers but statistical averages or percentages.