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30 - Continuously variable proportional circle map

This continuous variable proportional circle map was located at: This type of map shows the relative sizes of some for some variable.

31 - Range Graded Proportional Circle Map

This range graded proportional circle map was found at: It depicts proportional circles whose sizes represent a range of data.

32 - Classed Choropleth Maps

This classed choropleth map was found at: A classed choropleth map is a thematic map that uses shading used to represent some class attribute value.

33 - Unclassed Choropleth Map

An unclassed Choropleth map does not have any classes identified. A map example that depicts this is located at:

34 - Bivariate Choropleth Maps

This bivariate Choropleth map was found at: Bivariate choropleth maps show data for two variables. For example, this could be the population by race, or gender in the U.S.

35 - Unvariate Choropleth Map

This Unvariate Choropleth map was found at:

Unvirate choropleth maps are useful in showing data for a single variable. This could be the percentage of population that are getting the swine flu, or that make more than $50K per year. It would not show multiple variables data.

36 - Standardized Choropleth Maps

This standardized choropleth map was found at: These maps show data that has been standardized showing not raw numbers but statistical averages or percentages.

37 - Unstandardized Choropleth maps

This Unstandardized Choropleth Map was found at: Unstandardized choropleth are thematic maps using shading or patterns, but this case uses raw numbers, and not averges or percentages.

38 - Nominal Aea Choropleth Maps

This Nominal Area Choropleth Map was found on It represents minority groups with the highest percentage of the population.

46 - Triangular Plot

This triangular plot was found at: A Triangular Plot plots data for three variables which sum to a constant, such as clay, sand, and loose soil. The three variables make up 100% composition of a certain area

47 - Parallel Coordinate Graph

This is a Parallel Coordinate Graph (PCG). This one was found at: A parallel coordinate graph allows you to map a data dimension or field to a vertical axis. Each line represents a single event.

51 - Similarity Matrix

A similarity matrix depicts a close relationship of similarities between two data points. This one was found at:

52 - Correlation Matrix

This correlation matrix was found at: A correlation matrix shows the direction and strength of a relationship between 2 variables. This could be used to depict values on in a geographic area such as race and income, or education level.

53 - Star Plot - Spider Plot

This star plot was found at:, and depicts data visually using a range of criterial on lines on the outside of the circle with a range (e.g. 0-5) from the center of the circle outward. Then lines are drawn connecting individual point values for each criteria giving the plotted values a starlike appearance.

29- DOQQ

DOQQ stands for Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle, and this map was pulled from: It is a color arial image of a geographic area.

28 - DEM - Digital Elevation Map

This DEM map was found at It is a digital elevation map, and shows terrain elevations at regularly spaced intervals. Some of these that are created by the USGS vary in terms of different factors such as: coverage area, accuracy, sampling intervals, etc.

26 - DRG (Digital Raster Graphics)

DRG Stands for Digital Raster Graphics and it is a digital map image that shows topographic imagery of a given geographic area. This map was found at:

25 - Isopleth map

This isoplath map was found at: It is useful in mapping surface elevations, or rainfall amounts, atmospheric pressure and other variables.

23 - Isohyets Map

This is an isohyet map located at: . An Isohyet has lines drawn on a map that connect points of equal rainfall.

22 - Isotach Map

This isotach map was found at An isotach map is a map that connects points on a map with lines that represent the same wind speed.

21 - Isobar Map

This isobar map was taken from, and shows lines that connect points of equal atmospheric pressure.


This LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) map was taken from LIDAR is one of the remote sensing technologies that detects and measures scattered light to determine range of a target, or provide visual imagery of some geographic area.

40- Lorenz Curve

This Lorenz Curve graph was taken from: It depicts income on the x-axis and households no the Y-axis. The Lorenz curve depicts income inequality amongst households.

41 - Index Value Plot

This index value plot was taken from:

It shows average streamflow amounts over a period of time using an x and y axis, and plotted values.

16-Cartographic Animation

This cartographic animation was taken from: This is an image, but the link is to the page that has the cartographic animation on it. This animation shows a weather forecast, key attributes such as cloud cover, temperature and other things over a digital map.

15-Statistical Map

This is a statistical map from Statistical maps apply statistical data values and visualization technique to depict something like crime statistics.


This is a cartogram map. It was taken from: Cartograms is a map that takes some thematic aspect, such as electoral votes (this example), or GNP, or some other value, and maps them over a geographic area.

13-Flow Map

This flow map was taken from: A flow map is an excellent visualization that shows the flow of some data graphically depicted. This could be a map to show the spread of the west nile virus, or flight patterns in this case.

12 - Isoline Maps

This isoline map was found at: Isolines are used to connect points on a map that have the same value. This could be temperature, wind speed, etc.

11-Proportional Circle Maps

This proportional circle map is from: These visualizations can show a particular attribute’s value. The larger the circle, the larger the value, and vica-versa. In this example, the size of the circle’s show the size of a particular race’s population values

10-Choropleth Map

This is a Choropleth map from: Choropleth maps are thematic maps that use techniques such as shading or patterns that reflect various data measurements (e.g. income, causes of death.

9-Dot Distribution Map

This dot distribution map was located at: This type of map shows the distribution of military families in the state of Ohio. These types of maps are useful for plotting any type of information. This has been used to show locations of public offenders, as well as population distributions in larger maps, like the U.S.

8-Propaganda map

This propaganda map came from They use maps to depict social, economic, or political information to influence those who view the map.

7 - Hypsometric Map

This hypsometric map shows elevation progressions using contours, shading, and other techniques within a specific geographic area. This map was found on:

6-PLSS Maps

This PLSS map came from: PLSS stands for Public Land Survey System, and is used to subdivide and describe land in an area. This map is a typical PLSS map of the United States.

5-Cadastral Map

This Cadastral map was found on: Cadastral maps are useful for showing land boundaries or land parcels, and who owns it.

The following topographic map was noticed on:

This type of map shows geographic features of an area, and shows contour lines that indicate terain direction, the rise and fall of the terrain, how gradual or severe the slope is, and other features.

2-Planimetric Map

A planimetric map depicts boundary longitude, latitude, water sources, land-use, and other features. These are sometimes used for things like highway maps. The planimetric map shows came from:

43 - Population Profile

This is the a world population profile that shows the age, gender, distribution, and number of people in the World Population. This kind of graph is quite useful, and as you can see shows impacts of one elements, AIDS, on the world's population. This map came from:

50-Stem and Leaf Plot

A stem and leaf plot is a type of visualization that depicts the distribution of a dataset and shows the individual values. The values on the left are called the stem and the data on the right are called the steam. This type of graph is good for organizing large amounts of data. This plot was found on:

49-Box Plot Diagram

The boxplot diagram is a good map to show differences in data groupings, like in this case subjects, or in other cases, population. In some diagrams, spacing between the parts of the box show skew and spread of data, and can show the exceptions. This box plot digram was found on:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

54-Satellite Aerial Map using KML to embed information on the map

KML – Aerial Satellite Map (from Google Earth) – of Paradise Island at One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island - Po Box N 4777, Paradise Island, Bahamas. The URL is:,+Paradise+Island,+Bahamas&sll=25.0836,-77.3195&sspn=0.0107655,0.0150392&ie=UTF8&v=2.2&cv=5.0.11733.9347&hl=en&latlng=25085910,-77319000,715816747728306402&ei=fA1QSu2rFZvcMI7gof8J&cd=1&dtab=5. This map provides detailed information embedded in the aerial map itself such as the location of the Ocean Club, and other cool features of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

19 - Doppler Radar

This Dopplar radar image is from URL:, and depicts weather data to forcasters using satellites that utilize the Dopplar effect of returned echoes from targets (e.g. raindrops).

24-Isopach Map

This isopach map at: shows ashfall distribution over a geographic area in a given time period. An isopach map is a contour map showing the distribution and thickness of some substance, such as thickness of a stratigraphic layer, or distribution/density of ashfall.

28-DEM (Digital Elevation Map)

The URL: provides information on a combined set of maps. That is, overlaying both Digital Line Graph (DLG) data on a Digital Elevation Map (DEM). In this example below, rasterized vector data has been overlayed on a DEM to produce the drainage basin map here.

39-Bilateral graph

This bilateral graph at: shows data points represented both above and below a zero line. In this specific example, shows the speed of a boat and rower relative to a common center of gravity.


This histogram shows multiple disparate but related pieces of data related to a geographic area. In this example, for a total population across numerous geographic locations, comparisons of total dog ownership to vet visits is depicted. The URL is:


This Windrose map at URL: It shows wind direction and wind speed in a particular geographic location (e.g. at an airport).


A climograph is a graph that allows one to analyze climates in geographic areas across a number of criteria (e.g. temperature and precipitation). In the example provided, monthly precipitation is plotted with a bar graph, and temperature with a line graph. Wet or dry season variances in the extreme can be noticed using this sort of graph. The URL for this graph is:

42- Scatterplot

This is a scatterplot which is a set of x/y values mapped in a graph used to represent some data. In this example, it shows the variation in food consumption by three different fish species over a time frame. The URL for the scatterplot is: