Saturday, July 4, 2009

54-Satellite Aerial Map using KML to embed information on the map

KML – Aerial Satellite Map (from Google Earth) – of Paradise Island at One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island - Po Box N 4777, Paradise Island, Bahamas. The URL is:,+Paradise+Island,+Bahamas&sll=25.0836,-77.3195&sspn=0.0107655,0.0150392&ie=UTF8&v=2.2&cv=5.0.11733.9347&hl=en&latlng=25085910,-77319000,715816747728306402&ei=fA1QSu2rFZvcMI7gof8J&cd=1&dtab=5. This map provides detailed information embedded in the aerial map itself such as the location of the Ocean Club, and other cool features of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

19 - Doppler Radar

This Dopplar radar image is from URL:, and depicts weather data to forcasters using satellites that utilize the Dopplar effect of returned echoes from targets (e.g. raindrops).

24-Isopach Map

This isopach map at: shows ashfall distribution over a geographic area in a given time period. An isopach map is a contour map showing the distribution and thickness of some substance, such as thickness of a stratigraphic layer, or distribution/density of ashfall.

28-DEM (Digital Elevation Map)

The URL: provides information on a combined set of maps. That is, overlaying both Digital Line Graph (DLG) data on a Digital Elevation Map (DEM). In this example below, rasterized vector data has been overlayed on a DEM to produce the drainage basin map here.

39-Bilateral graph

This bilateral graph at: shows data points represented both above and below a zero line. In this specific example, shows the speed of a boat and rower relative to a common center of gravity.


This histogram shows multiple disparate but related pieces of data related to a geographic area. In this example, for a total population across numerous geographic locations, comparisons of total dog ownership to vet visits is depicted. The URL is:


This Windrose map at URL: It shows wind direction and wind speed in a particular geographic location (e.g. at an airport).


A climograph is a graph that allows one to analyze climates in geographic areas across a number of criteria (e.g. temperature and precipitation). In the example provided, monthly precipitation is plotted with a bar graph, and temperature with a line graph. Wet or dry season variances in the extreme can be noticed using this sort of graph. The URL for this graph is:

42- Scatterplot

This is a scatterplot which is a set of x/y values mapped in a graph used to represent some data. In this example, it shows the variation in food consumption by three different fish species over a time frame. The URL for the scatterplot is:

1-Mental Maps

This is a mental map drawn by a homeless cartographer named Stephen at age 41. This mental map is his depiction, and understanding of the city of Amsterdam. Mental maps draw upon someones interpretation and familiarity with a given environment, and thus may not be terribly accurate when compared against say, a map developed by a cartographer working for the US Geological survey. The map URL is:

18-Black and White Aerial Photo

Map 17 - Infrared Aerial Photo Map

This is an infrared aerial photo I got from:

In infrared map allows us to see variations in surface/object temperature. Warm objects emit infrared light, and the hotter the surface, the shorter the wavelength, thus you see a corresponding glow (e.g. red light). This enables weather forcasters to notice storms, or rescue workers to locate warm bodies in oceans, or in forests through vegetation or fog.