Saturday, July 4, 2009

54-Satellite Aerial Map using KML to embed information on the map

KML – Aerial Satellite Map (from Google Earth) – of Paradise Island at One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island - Po Box N 4777, Paradise Island, Bahamas. The URL is:,+Paradise+Island,+Bahamas&sll=25.0836,-77.3195&sspn=0.0107655,0.0150392&ie=UTF8&v=2.2&cv=5.0.11733.9347&hl=en&latlng=25085910,-77319000,715816747728306402&ei=fA1QSu2rFZvcMI7gof8J&cd=1&dtab=5. This map provides detailed information embedded in the aerial map itself such as the location of the Ocean Club, and other cool features of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

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